{Transition to Grey} 8 months

{Transition to Grey} 8 months

I can hardly believe 8 months have already passed.

I haven’t changed my mind about going natural, though the lady that cut my hair last week was sure that now that it was shorter, I would want to dye it and “only have to use one box, not two.” I cut off 6 inches of hair.

I’m actually pretty happy with the growth. The color variation is interesting, and I have more dark hair in the front than I thought. I’m a little impatient at the growth now that I realize I have more than a year left before it’s “mostly grey.”

When I put my hair in a ponytail or bun, the growth is a stark contrast between the natural in the front, and the golden brown ponytail or bun.

Hubby still thinks I’m sexy, even if my old is showing.

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