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With the panic and propaganda supporting the Covid tyranny, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. As someone that studied virology, immunology, mycology and microbiology in College, it’s a little easier for me to sort out the noise of the news propaganda.

We found a great college course called “Introduction to Virology” from a professor at Columbia University. This is the 2019 lecture series, before the pressure and politics of covid.

Watch here:

I don’t agree with his position on vaccinations and how harmless the integration of viral DNA fragments into our genome has been, though I understand this has also happened over our evolution and has been beneficial in some ways. My concern is the effect of retroviruses on our genome and the emergence of cancer, auto-immune and other problems in the last 30 years since Pharma companies can no longer be sued for vaccine harm.

At any rate, it’s a good lecture series, and teaches the truth about viruses so perhaps you can sort the Noise of the media from the truth.

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