{Races} Barr Lake 15K Race #46


It was hot and muddy, but we got it done. Race Number 46 (for me) complete!

The rain was so loud last night, we woke up at 3 a.m. to see the pouring rain filling up the street. The forecast had called for just a smattering of rain, but this was a downpour! The entire race is groomed trail, so I had imagined it more like a mud run.

As soon as we arrived to pick up our shirts and bibs, the sun came out in force. As cold and rainy as it was the night before, it was going to be sunny and warm for the race…and humid (for Colorado).

By the end of the race, it was 66 degrees and a “real feel” of 75 degrees. It definitely felt closer to 80F than 70F with the sun shining, but we did get a bit of a breeze to help. Most of the course is sunny with intermittent shade trees, but in the end, it was still too hot for me.

It wasn’t my best 15K (of the three I have completed, it was the worst, actually) but my pace wasn’t far off. The heat slowed me down, as did the mud puddles, but overall it wasn’t a bad race. I kept telling myself “if I’d only done more tempo runs” when I just couldn’t keep my pace up. Remember kids, tempo runs have a purpose. 😉

Next weekend we have a Memorial 10K, then the weekend after is our Half Marathon.

The count will be 48 total races for me and 49 half marathons for my husband (plus so many other races!).

This means I will still have 2 races to finish by my birthday, and hubby one half marathon before his birthday.

~Mama K

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