{Outdoor Life} Spring Running

{Outdoor Life} Spring Running

In Colorado, we get most of our snow in March and April, especially on the front range.

The weather people are predicting 12-24” by Sunday night, though the original predictions aren’t panning out. We were supposed to run a St Paddy’s Day race Sunday morning, but it was already postponed to next weekend because of the forecast.

Since we aren’t running tomorrow in the race, we made sure we got out this morning.

Running in spring snow is one of my favorite! There’s usually giant flakes, but little accumulation on the paths.

Big giant flakes!

I saw hubby from a distance. Can you see him?

I took this photo half way through the run. At the end of 5.5 miles, I was pretty soaked! But I was so happy, I love the beauty of snowfall.

The snow is coming in
This is the exact same view in late summer

Happy snow day to you all! Make sure you get outdoors today wherever you are.

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