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The Slacker Half Marathon was June 25th. It starts at Loveland Ski Area (10,837 feet), and ends in Georgetown (8,504 feet).

I still didn’t feel like I had enough training time between the Mickelson and this race. My training was going incredibly well in mid-may (I had one of my best every tempo runs), then I got sick for a week with a respiratory infection. I was able to train a bit before food poisoning/stomach flu, missed the Revel, but took an easy run on the Mickelson Trail half. My original plan to PR this race was completely out the door.

This was at the start line. It was already fairly warm before we started.

If you look hard, you can see Shane in this photo.

My first four miles were way too fast for the altitude, and I felt it. I was really struggling with breathing, and had to slow down. At mile 7, I started to break down. Happily, I found a woman running with her dog, and decided to run with her. We chatted and did our run/walk, and the time actually went rather quickly. I was so grateful she pushed me through the finish and I actually ended up with a decent time (though nowhere near a PR).

The scenery was pretty good, and it was a little hilly. At one point, you run right next to I-70 on the bike path, then down into Georgetown. The hardest part was running in Georgetown, and not straight to main street, when your legs are tired. One of the roads was all torn up and rocky, so it was a bit of a challenge.

My garmin says my training effort was 5.0 (out of 5) and very demanding. That, it was! Next time I have to remember that the altitude should slow me down in the beginning, and not to go out too fast.

I will update with photos if I ever get a proper link from the Slacker event.

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