{Outdoor Life} Santa Stampede 5k (race #51)

{Outdoor Life} Santa Stampede 5k (race #51)

Two of my girls are spending the week with their dad. Hubby is working 10 hours today, and two of my girls had choir practice from 8-11 am.

I decided to run a 5k to kill time between dropping off and picking up my girls from church.

It was below 30 degrees this morning, about 33 at the start, and 35 at the finish. It was a pretty run! My 13th 5k and my 51st Race.

I did pretty well, considering I have only done maintenance running lately. It was my 3rd fastest overall 5k (missed second fastest time by 22 seconds) and I was in the top half of my age group. Yup, I’m slow. I’m gonna be slow, but I’m still in the 50-60th percentile overall. 🤣

I’m running the Dam Run 10k in March. I might have to find a Jan or feb race. And maybe…just maybe… I can convince my friend Tina to walk a 5K with me before summer.

Joyful Running to you!


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