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For hubby’s birthday this year, he wanted us to hike Quandary Peak with him. Four of our girls were available, so we spent the night in Breckenridge on the 22nd and hiked on the 23rd.

We started just as the sun was rising—as did everyone else, the trailhead was very busy. This is one of the most climbed 14ers because the trailhead is easy access (like Bierstadt).

It was slow going overall. My summer training wasn’t the best after the Mickelson half, so I was a little out of shape, and I’m really struggling with my weight in perimenopause. I didn’t mind being slow, I truly wanted to enjoy this 14er, and it was good to help the girls acclimate on their first 14er.

Early morning on the trail
First false summit

Seeing the final summit was a little brutal. This false summit looked promising, but once you get to the final summit, it’s steep and fairly narrow. We did enjoy the scenery, including many mountain goats. They are definitely acclimated to seeing humans.

This mountain goat walked about 5 feet from me.

The last push up the last 500 feet was a little rough, but everyone was determined to make it. Our girls that climbed with us are 18, 16, 14 and 12.

It was also our 12 year old’s birthday! Not many kids can say they climbed a 14er that young. Don’t worry, she also got a friend birthday party the next weekend. It’s hard when you share a birthday (our two oldest also share a birthday) so we do our best to make it special.

The birthday girl
Summit photo

My jiggly belly portrait. Sigh. I eat low carb most of the time, I run, but I’m not doing enough strength training. Keeping my hormones in balance has been a real struggle, and I tend to stress. I keep working on it, but the struggle is real!

Our feet with the geological marker for Quandary

It was a nice lounge at the top for 20 minutes. We had sandwiches, drank more water, and enjoyed the view. It was actually rather busy at the top (as mountain tops can be busy with limited space). We started down as the weather looked as if it was turning.

And it did! About an hour into our descent, it started raining and hailing. It made for a wet and muddy memorable hike down.

That’s hail, not snow

We were very tired by the end of the hike and so grateful to see the car. Round trip the hike is about a 3,300 foot elevation change, and 7.75 miles round trip.

We were grateful our AirBnB had a community hot tub (and the girls enjoyed the pool).

I am very proud of the girls for working hard, never giving up, and even having a good attitude. It was a physical challenge, and they showed great character in sticking with it.

Maybe next year we can choose a shorter 14er for them. I hear Bross is a little easier.

This was our fourth 14er (hubby and I): Mt Elbert, Mt Democrat, Mt Bierstadt and Quandary Peak.

For Christmas, I gave the girls this to remind them of their first 14er:

It’s made out of pine beetle kill from here in CO so each has blue streaks, and they are all personalized with their names.

Happy hiking!

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