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After running the Mickelson Trail Half (or should I say “plodding along”?) we had planned some fun family activities.

One of those activities was conquering the highest point in North Dakota.

It was a fun “highest point” as it was a whopping 357 foot climb and less than a mile.

The trail is called White Butte and it’s a whopping 3,507 feet high. Since we live at 5,300 feet, it was still lower than our daily lives.

Muddy clay made for some falls

The path was a bit muddy, and the white clay was very mushy and slippery. A few of us took a tumble. We had to make our way around one small segment of the trail because it was so slippery we couldn’t traverse it. We did our best to be careful not to disturb the native plant life or make the owner of the property upset (it is private land, so one must be respectful).

I suppose they added the box because this group market has no public info

After our “climb,” we ate at a local restaurant nearby called Grazers. The food was good, the bottled sodas were very good.

And, of course, since it was our first time in North Dakota, we had to take a photo:

Happy traveling friends!

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