{Outdoor Life} 2022 Goals


Before I go about listing my 2022 goals, here’s a 2021 running recap:

  • Valentine’s Day 4 miler
  • Runnin’ O’ the Green 7k
  • Donut Dash 5k
  • Barr Lake 15k
  • Memorial Day 10k
  • Mickelson Trail 13.1
  • Cookie Chase 5k
  • Kooky Spooky 5k (as a family)
  • Santa Stampede 5k

I didn’t wear my watch every day last year. In fact, if I had a day off running, I rarely wore my watch. I’ll have to fix that this year to ensure all of my step mileage is recording.

This year, hubby and I joined the Run the Edge Challenge again. We did it in 2016, each of us running 1,008 miles each. This year, I plan to run 1,011 miles, and with my steps finish the 2,022 miles.

If you join, we are the keyoyos team. Look us up.

We are putting together our race list for this year. So far we are running:

  • That Dam Run 10k -March
  • Barr lake 15k -May
  • Revel Rockies 13.1 (Saturday, then we jump in the car, drive to So Dakota to run..) -June
  • Mickelson Trail 13.1 -June
  • Hot Chocolate 15k -October
  • Crazy Horse 13.1 -October

We will likely fill in a few shorter distances in between the races and some into late fall.

We climbed Mt Elbert last year (highest peak in CO) and plan to climb one 14er this year.

We also didn’t manage many hikes with the girls, so our plan is to do more with them in 2022.

Happy Health and Fitness is 2022!

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