My world continues to shrink…

My world continues to shrink…

This post will likely be a brain dump of sorts, not particularly eloquent or organized, but I woke up at 5 am and just couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind is heavy.

Each day that passes, it seems fewer people are willing to stand up. The “powers” are wearing them down. Under threat of losing jobs, people are taking the jaab to keep them. Forget the fact that the evidence is growing that it causes heart damage and neurological damage; 8 year olds are lining labs waiting for EKGs, experiencing tachycardia within a week of the jaab.

The censorship of the dozens of studies supporting the harm of the jaaab is in full swing. Email systems are now shutting down private author emails that are pointing out the research. The words “s@fe and €ffective” are on a loop in the mouths of millions of people, as if it’s repeated enough, people will simply believe it. And they do.

The gaslighting about how well-researched the jaabs are has truly created a mass psychosis. Most don’t even realize the follow-up period for jaaab recipients in the trial was 60 days. What is the chance you will encounter the V!rus in 60 days to test the efficacy? Or even the safety?

It took my family 20 months to contract the v!rus and during that time, we took 8 road trips to a combined total of 8 states, four weeks of time, wore masks less than a dozen times anywhere, swam in public pools and a water park, went to amusement parks in free states, and did not give in to the fear and stay home tactics. We were “highly exposed” during that time period, yet it still took 20 months to encounter it in a “high transmission” state.

We only contracted the v!rus after a period of extreme stress when the threat of job loss by our president was declared. We allowed ourselves to immerse in stress, and we got sick. We handled it without conventional drugs or the hospital, and the kids got what amounted to a mild cold. It was a crappy illness, for sure, and I can’t surmise what it would have been like had we not been immersed in stress, but I can guess it would have been far less severe.

Through this all, what is the stress of the 24 hour fear cycle doing to people? I know, for us, accepting the stress meant we got sick. If we are constantly scaring people with death, we are also increasing their susceptibility to illness, increasing the cases and deaths. The masks are an intentional reminder to be afraid, and instead of offering health, they offer bacterial and fungal exposure, reduced immune function from decreased oxygen saturation, and increased stress and fear…the opposite of health.

The governing bodies are also withholding treatments for early intervention. One can only ask why every measure taken by government has been antithetical to health?

No one wants to believe evil exists. Most want to bury their heads in their daily lives and hope for the best as others make the choices for the direction of their lives. But we are experiencing pure evil for the benefit of profits. Ph@rma runs the media through the almighty commercials, they provide 70% of the FDA’s budget for drugs, they pay millions in lobbyists, contribute to political campaigns, and make politicians rich through stock. It’s all very intertwined, and the result is that ph@rma runs the world.

But more than that, I’m learning there are few people in my life that want to hear the truth. My dad says things like “which truth should I believe?” as we are debating research. At 76 years old, I would hope he would see how incestuous the relationships are, and try and rely on data from people with nothing to gain—and everything to lose—but the constant echo chamber is convincing. This is where the evil—the coordination on a global level—rears its ugly head. But before you believe I’m paranoid, spend some time on the World Economic Forum, in Bill Gates Ted talks and “predictions,” look at agenda 2030, it’s all out there, in public, accessible to all. They aren’t hiding it. And man’s desire for power and money is a sin we see repeat throughout history, it’s not a puzzle.

I’m grateful for my church and the people willing to stand up for truth. Without them, I would have very few people left, not even my extended family who have all bought into the mass psychosis of fear and jaabs and how their lives can go back to normal if they just accept government mandates. They can’t seem to see how many times the goalposts have changed in just the last 20 months, but they seem to believe complying will stop the tyranny. It will keep them alive and healthy. It will satiate the fear. By my pointing out the research and data, I alienate myself further, as it just hurts their ability to hide from the truth, so they ignore me.

When I left Facebook and much of social media over a year ago, I realized relationships have become fake, so I’m not surprised at the reactions. I originally joined Facebook to reconnect with people I don’t see often. It quickly became a voyeuristic venue; people don’t want to truly connect and communicate, they just want to spy on others, feel superior, and get verification of their world view without being challenged. They simply want an echo chamber that gives them a sense of superiority…not real human interaction. They want to create an illusion of their life and then use it to convince themselves of that illusion.

I had all of three people in the 50+ list of contacts attempt to connect with me after I left Facebook. I expected it, truly, and it just confirmed that social media is shallow and not what God wants for us. We are called to be in fellowship with believers, be in service to each other, to worship together. The time spent on social media should be spent with real people, in real fellowship, and I learned that the hard way.

Today is the last day of face freedom in our county. Thankfully, the neighboring county is only 10 minutes away is still face-free (and where our church is located). I won’t say I’m not upset about the mandate, I can see this becoming yearly with only a few months of freedom a year given by our government (as was the case this year). How long before people wake up? Or is this truly the end of Days?


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