{Field Experience} Cheyenne Botanic Gardens


We decided to take a quick day trip to Cheyenne, WY. There are many free things to do in Cheyenne and today we decided to visit the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens. There is no fee to enter, but there is a donation box (and if you have the means, please donate, it is a beautiful building and garden).

My favorite plant was the bunny ear cactus. It looks like little bunnies running through the desert.

My 13 yo wanted to know what they do with all of the fruit; they have pineapple, coffee fruit (coffee beans!), Tangelos, and bananas. She asked the volunteer at the front desk, and they give it to the volunteers when they are ripe. This year, they have SO MANY bananas! There are two separate trees as full as the one in the photo.

It’s likely we will be back in Cheyenne soon, so next time we look forward to the Cheyenne Depot Museum and the Plaza. We can also visit the Wyoming State Museum or the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center (which was closed for covid).

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