{family life} dental “huh”?


We had skipped a couple years of dental cleanings when the insanity of regulations began in 2020. Our last cleaning was late 2020 when the mask mandates and “6 feet of separation” mass psychosis began. We decided to wait it out until the mandates were dropped.

I was also very uncomfortable with our previous dentist. He is an older guy, very “old school” and not at all concerned about toxins and natural health. He had removed one of my mercury fillings without any extra mitigation (which I learned today is very important to avoid swallowing mercury or inhaling it) and always pushed for fluoride. He was never the type to have a conversation about your concerns, you were to just follow his status quo.

I found a great new holistically-minded dentist (much to my delight, I discovered on our first visit that some church friends are also patients). He really seems to listen, and they ask about what we would LIKE to have done that day.

We discovered on our visit that girl #4 has broken a tooth below the gumline. It was a complete shock to us, as she hasn’t complained of pain, and there have been no instances of swelling. She doesn’t even remember hitting her mouth; the most she remembers is running into a tree while playing with her cousins more than a year ago (was it two?). It truly doesn’t make a lot of sense, except that she’s a tough girl.

Her tooth hasn’t discolored at all, and so far it seems okay, though she will eventually need to get an implant. Otherwise, all of my girls got a very good report on their teeth (no cavities!).

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