Leadership Ed Association of Denver, South (LEADS)

This purpose of this group is to gather homeschooling families in the Southeastern swath of Denver – from Cherry Creek to Castlewood Canyon State Parks – who are interested in social and academic networking.

Our mainstay is Tuesday Family Park Days, from 10 – 2.  Pack a lunch! In case of inclement weather, we have alternate reservation plans.
We honor all religions in an inclusive, respectful environment. Some ideas we submit to include: family, principled worldview, virtue, integrity, entrepreneurial spirit, patriotic, faith, providence, honor, homestead mentality, commonwealth, ownership, responsibility, auxano (Greek), freedom, georgics, liberty, new American Founders, as well as a strong ethic of work, fun, and play.

The purpose of this yahoo loop is to provide a communication forum for park days, events geared toward family education, questions and advice, and any other curios that define who we are – be they steps to harvesting meat rabbits to ideas on how to engender a positive family form to starting up a public speaking club.

We are a non-directed support organization. To understand more, please read this excellent article by Earl Gary Stevens: http://www.homeedmag.com/INF/NET/n.ol_ndspg.html

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Katherine at 310-971-7755.

….We look forward to meeting you!

Click to join LeadershipEd

Click to join LeadershipEd


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