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Welcome to the Liberty Project! Our focus will be community building, common language of leadership education, and becoming active participants in our own government.  Whether you are new to the Liberty Movement, an active member, or have simply desired to get more educated about your government and principles of good governing, this community class will be full of great information for a great price!

COST:  $10 per Class (Please advise one week in advance if you will be attending:

$35 for each Semester (9/12/13 – 12/5/13 or 1/9/14 – 5/1/14), due the first day of each semester

TIME: 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

LOCATION:  Abundant Life Community Church, 72nd & Wadsworth, Arvada, CO

REGISTRATION:  Please send the names of those attending to

This Project is associated with Auxano Statesman and Leadership Association of North Denver (ASLAND), A Thomas Jefferson Education Commonwealth that supports other home educators who are using the TJEd model of education in their homes.

*No childcare is offered for this project, and this project is open to adults

Calendar and Overview:

September 12th -Leadership Education overview, How to Read a Book, Common Language, How to Lead a Colloquium

October 10th -Christianity and the Constitution – The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis  (colloquium)

November 8th- The Role of Education in America – The Autobiography of Ben Franklin  (colloquium)

December 5th- Practical Application of Government: letters, social media, state’s rights


January 9th – Sovereignty-The Declaration of Independence , The Allegory of the Cave by Plato

            Challenge: Recite the Declaration of Independence (minus the King’s transgressions)

February 13thAre You Liberal, Conservative or Confused?  By Richard J. Maybury (colloquium)

March 13th – The 3 Species of Government – Republican, Monarchial and Despotic (Montesquieu) ;       Humanist Manifesto, Communist Manifesto (colloquium)

April 10th – The Auxiliary Federalist Papers

Presentations: Local government meetings

May 1stConstitutional Convention

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