ASLAND Projects for 2013-2014:

Thursdays, 9:30am – 2:30pm.

ASLAND 2013-2014 Course Descriptions

Liberty Project (Parent/Community Project): We will be studying different forms and principles of government, with a focus on Community building, common language, and becoming active participants in our gov’t, starting at the local level. This project I open to anyone who would like to participate.

Reading List: The Screwtape Letters*The Autobiography of Ben Franklin*The Declaration of Independence (will be emailed to you) * The Allegory of the Cave (will be emailed to you) *Are you Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?*10 Federalist Papers (will be emailed to you)* Humanist Manifesto 1 and The Communist Manifesto (will be emailed to you)*

Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification 3:  (Pre-Requisite TJYC 1 and 2 or an Interview)  This project is a study of world views, philosophy, and government principles. We will have speeches, debates, and discussions. The scholars will run a presidential campaign based on a world view, they will study philosophy, the Federalist Papers, and end by writing and arguing Supreme Court Cases. Scholars need to be 14 and up. They will also be interviewed prior to acceptance into the project.

Reading List: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (to be read over the summer)* Nation by Terry Pratchett* Understanding the Times*Great Decisions of the US Supreme Court* Cash, Cars, and College *The Screwtape Letters*The Alchemist*Thou Shall Prosper* The Fourth Turning.

Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe:  (All Community Project) (From the web site) – Mathematics education generally teach that numbers are quantities to count and calculate with. But it’s quite a discovery to realize that they also represent qualities which we all innately understand — wholeness, polarity, structure, balance, growth and more. If you can understand a shape in nature, you’ll know what nature is doing there.

These will be the concepts we study during this two semester project. We will also get into a once a month study of logic that will be open to all members of the ASLAND community.

This book wasn’t written for mathematicians but for those of us who were turned off by mathematics as it was taught in school, and who barely suspected that it was directly related to nature and art and could open a world of wonder for us.

Reading List (On the Logic Days): LoL(can be done in groups), Parents and Scholars: Presentation of choice on the topic of math or logic; Suggestions: Mathematicians Are People Too, DaVinci, Archimedes, Hippocrates.

 Uncle Eric Project: (Practice Scholars ~12-15 years old) This will include Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, Whatever Happened to Justice, and Are You Liber? Conservative? Or Confused?  - This is a two semester project that will cover the principles of economics, the differences between higher law and man-made law, and what all the political parties of today mean and what they use to mean.

Reading List: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy*Whatever Happened to Justice*and Are You Liber? Conservative? Or Confused?

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