ASLAND Commonwealth

Auxano Statesmen and Leadership Academy of North Denver (ASLAND)

What is a Commonwealth?

A commonwealth is “a body united for some special interest and common benefit.” In this case, our families meet once a week for 5 hours to inspire and educate our children using the 7 Keys to Great Teaching and the 5 Pillars of Leadership Education.

[For more information, read A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille]

Vision: The Vision of ASLAND is to build a community of families who are willing to come together to wonder, to think, to question, and to thrive in an environment that instills a willingness to become leaders.  The purpose of education is to produce individual statesman and leders, who as Aristotle said “Have a Great Soul.”


Scholar projects are offered by LEMI-trained mentors to students aged 12-18. Scholars include practice scholars and apprentice scholars, and some projects are only offered to one or the other.  Previous projects include Key of Liberty,  Shakespeare Conquest, Speech and Debate, TJYC I and II (Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification).

2012-2013 We will be offering Shakespeare Conquest, Key of Liberty, TJYC I and II and a Humanities Project.


Junior parents are required to mentor on campus in one of the junior projects or in a scholar project.  The Junior ages are approximate, and based on the phase of learning as outlined in DeMille’s book  A Thomas Jefferson Education.

Ages 0-4 (ish) Nursery   The children in nursery spend their time learning right/wrong, true/false, and work/play.  The loving mentors in this age group give direct attention to the children through playing with toys, games, reading books and even assisting with naps, if needed.  Nursery parents are required to stay on campus.

Ages 4-8 (ish) Core  This age also learns right/wrong, work/play and true/false.  This age spends more time learning hands-on, reading books with mentors, learning public speaking through show and tell.

Ages 6-8 (ish) Pre-Love of Learning Children who are getting ready to transition into Love of Learning are offered more structured activities to prepare them for the next project.

Ages 8-12 (ish) Love of Learning  Led by the children’s interests, we help our students fall in love with learning by providing opportunities to learn many different subjects including the Great Scientists and Mathemeticians, Problem Solving, Simulations, Field Trips, and Presentations.

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