What is Leadership Education?

Leadership Education, or TJEd, is not a particular curriculum, but rather an educational philosophy and a methodology. After researching the methods of education for some of the great individuals through history, Oliver and Rachel DeMille wrote the book A Thomas Jefferson Education to convey the principles of a leadership education.

In their research, the DeMille’s discovered there were 4 Phases of Learning:

1. Core Phase (birth to 8yr) Principles taught are right and wrong, good and bad, work and play.  These are the heart and habits of life.

2. Love of Learning Phase (8-12 yrs)  Interest driven phase, this is when students are curious but not capable of deep intensive study yet.  The attention and focus time is short, but children enjoy the journey of looking into a myriad of things.

3. Scholar Phase (12-16 yrs)  Broad and deep study preparing for life’s mission.  The learner willingly takes on long periods of intense study; 8-10 hours at a time is typical.  Students are self-motivated and willingly seek mentors to have their work reviewed and will do it again until it is excellent.

4. Depth Phase (16-22 yrs)  The learner now goes into professional study,typically at uiversity.  This is when one has figured out his “Life’s mission” and does all he can to achieve it.

Ages are only approximate, students enter the next phase on their own schedule.

Note: If Core or Love of Learning Phase was poor, the learner may experience great difficulty focusing in the scholar phase. This difficulty must be resolved before a full scholar phase can be completed.

There are 7 Keys to Great Teaching:

1. Classics, Not Textbooks

2. Mentors, not professors or experts.

3. Quality, not Conformity

4. Inspire, not Require.

5. Structure Time, not Content

6. Simplicity, Not Complexity.

7. You, not Them.

(and an 8th, Secure, not Stressed!)


As you consider the Keys to Great Teaching, there are also 5 Pillars of Leadership Education:

1. Classics

2. Mentors

3. Simulations

4. Field Experience

5. God (Core Book)

If you are curious about Leadership Education, there are many answers in A Thomas Jefferson Education.  You may also email us at: asland@leadershipeduc.com



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